MCAT Test Dates 2016

MCAT test dates for 2016, as well as score release dates, were released by the AAMC last Fall. We have also compiled information from the AAMC regarding MCAT registration and testing centers in the United States, Canada and international locations. Ideally, you would choose an available MCAT test date at a convenient location that allows you the most study time while balancing the score release date which will give you time to submit your MCAT score relatively early in the application cycle.

MCAT Test Dates and Score Release Dates

MCAT Test Dates 2016     MCAT Score Release Dates
January 22   Friday   February 23   Tuesday
January 23 Saturday February 23 Tuesday
April 1 Friday May 3 Tuesday
April 23 Saturday May 24 Tuesday
May 6 Friday June 7 Tuesday
May 14 Saturday June 14 Tuesday
May 20 Friday June 21 Tuesday
June 2 Thursday July 6 Wednesday
June 18 Saturday July 19 Tuesday
July 8 Friday August 9 Tuesday
July 9 Saturday August 9 Tuesday
July 22 Friday August 23 Tuesday
August 4 Thursday September 7 Wednesday
August 5 Friday September 7 Wednesday
August 19 Friday September 20 Tuesday
August 20 Saturday September 20 Tuesday
August 25 Thursday September 27 Tuesday
September 1 Thursday October 4 Tuesday
September 9 Friday October 12 Wednesday
September 10 Saturday October 12 Wednesday

Note: MCAT score release takes 30-35 days after your exam date.

MCAT Registration Fee

The MCAT registration fee is $305 if made at least three weeks before the exam. There are 3 registration 'zones' that have corresponding registration fees, re-scheduling fees, cancellation refund and fee assistance program (FAP) fees. The FAP was designed for students who are unable to finance their MCAT prep. You need to apply for the FAP before your MCAT registration. For more information, click here: FAP

Zone Deadline Registration Fee Re-schedule fee Cancellation Refund
Gold 1 month before MCAT $305
$115 (FAP)
$35 (FAP)
$60 (FAP)
Silver 3-4 weeks before exam $305
$115 (FAP)
$55 (FAP)
No refund
No refund
Bronze 1-2 weeks before exam $355
$165 (FAP)
No re-schedule
No fee assistance
No refund
No refund

Note: The additional international registration fee for all zones is $95. The international registration fee is applicable to all countries except for Canada, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The deadline for registration is at 11:59 p.m. ET of the day of the deadline. It is non-refundable upon registration cancellation. See MCAT Registration Deadlines.

MCAT Testing Centers

There are MCAT testing centers, both on and off campus, from coast to coast in the US and Canada. Additionally, there are numerous MCAT testing centers in international locations as presented in the table below. Note that to register for a seat at an international testing site, you should follow the same process as if registering for a seat in the US or Canada. Since the dates and seats at international locations are limited, plan ahead to avoid disappointment. If you need to travel and stay in a hotel, check out the AAMC’s Hotel Discount Program.

MCAT International Testing Locations*
Australia China: Hong Kong Cyprus France Germany
Guam India Israel Japan Kazakhstan
Lebanon Malaysia Puerto Rico Qatar Singapore
South Africa Taiwan Thailand United Kingdom Virgin Islands, U.S.

* Note that the list of countries and dates are subject to change so consult the AAMC's website regularly or contact them directly depending on your individual circumstance. AAMC MCAT International Testing Dates