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A box girder bridge, an evolution of the plate girder bridge, is fabricated from either poststressed concrete or sheet steel plate, and commonly built for roadway flyovers and light rail transport. Some modern steel trestles, for example, are composed of a number of girder bridge segments. If of concrete, girder bridges may be cast in place, using falsework supports removed after completion, or may be prefabricated (as the steel-plate type usually is) in a fabrication yard, then transported and placed using cranes. The latter method is often used in situations where access for construction is limited to times of light traffic, which may be detoured around the work area, utilizing a limited number of lanes.

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The passage is primarily concerned with

  • A the construction of modern steel bridges called box girder bridges
  • B box girder bridge construction methods where access to construction is limited
  • C how the box girder bridge is related to segmental bridges, such as trestles
  • D why the plate girder bridge is considered the ancestor of the box girder bridge
  • E the fabrication and construction methods of the box girder bridge

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